Wayne's Rant

I accept that human activities are contributing to climate change, but I don't believe that climate change is a particularly great threat to the global human civilization.

I DO however think it is very important to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for a number of other reasons, including;

1. The need to find cheaper energy sources to supercharge technological advancement.
2. The need to avert a future catastrophe when fossil fuel reserves run low.
3. The reduction of real old-fashioned toxic chemical pollution.

There are a number of alternate energy options, and we (the human civilization) should be as a matter of high priority investigating them all. These include;

We should also be disaster proofing our civilization as best we can. Greenhouse gases are not the only things that effect the climate or endanger our future. Solar cycles, nuclear weapons, volcanic erruptions and asteroid & meteor impacts can all effect the climate or worse. We should be thinking about and dealing with all these threats and not just greenhouse gases.

We can and should be trying to reduce the chances of a nuclear exchange, and even asteroid impacts might be able to be averted with sufficient warning, but the sun's variability and volcanism are not things even our best efforts are likely to effect.

So, what should we do? I believe we should start by designing & building; flood, drought & famine proof cities.

The Russians are planning to build a domed city in Siberia, and I think Australia should be aspiring to build a showcase high-tech low-impact sustainable city somewhere in Australia, perhaps even over a played out open cut mine.

The city should:

  • be powered by LENR, Thorium Fission & Solar Power.
  • be domed or otherwise sealed.
  • be capable of recycling water and waste with 99% efficiency.
  • grow its own food including cultured meat within the confines of the city.

This is a huge project, but it would have many great benefits. It would;

  • give all Australians a project to be proud of.
  • show the world how to climate proof our civilization.
  • lay the ground work for expanding the human civilization into space.
  • reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Designing the city and developing the technology to make it possible will be a very big challenge. Ideally every major country should be working on building a similar city simulateously and openly and freely sharing the knowledge and expertise they already have and the knowledge that they gain whilst building their city. I believe that the collective intelligence of the world's 7 billion people is more than sufficient to make this dream a reality. I believe a global project like this will bring the world together and make it a better place.

What do you think?


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