Below is a list of all the people mentioned on this site. Some are famous, some aren't. Some are site members, and others are contributors to discussions about the future on other platforms. All are contributing in some way (large or small) to the shape of the future or the discussion about it. If you are interested in the future and wan't to be part of the discussion or know of someone else who should be on the list, let us know by leaving a comment by clicking the "discuss" button below.

Adam Ford - Humanity Plus
Amy Li - Humanity Plus
Anthony Atala - Medicine, Tissue Regeneration Researcher
Aubrey De Grey - Longevity Researcher
Ben Goertzel - Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Humanity Plus
Brent Allsop - Site Member
Brian Wang - Futurist & Blogger
Clay Shirky - Writer
Craig Venter - Biologist
David Chalmers - Professor of Philosophy
Doug Engelbart - Inventor
Eliezer Yudkowsky - AI Researcher
Kevin Warwick - Professor of Cybernetics.
Larry Page - Computer Scientist & Google Founder
Mark Bruce - Science & technology blogger
Michael Anissimov - Science & Technology Writer
Natasha Vita-More - Humanity Plus
Nick Bostrom - Bioethicist
Rachel Marone - Humanity Plus
Ray Kurzweil - Inventor & Futurist
René Milan - Site Member
Robert Freitas - Physicist
Sergey Brin - Computer Scientist & Google Founder
Vernor Vinge - Mathematician, computer scientist, and science fiction author

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