H+ Connect

H+ Connect is a planned social network for transhumanists

Currently this page exists to gather suggested requirements/features for H+ Connect

Feel free to add your suggestions here!

User Accounts

I'm sure the following are required:

  • users can log in/out
  • users can interact with other users

A user profile should include areas of interest and/or expertise .. as well as geo information…. Users should be able to specify which information is made public or not…

I suggest that anyone can apply for an account, and as part of the application process must

  • fill out a moderately detailed profile

There then must be a human moderator who accepts applicants, at least for starters…

Comment: Is the notion here to ensure that the person is real? Why not simply use biometrics or other personal identifying information to do this? [Response: The notion is to filter out anyone who doesn't have a moderately serious interest, but also to give us some information about who the people on the site are. Of course to filter out Web robots we can just use CAPTCHAS etc.]

Organizations (not "necessarily" internal groups) should be able to define a small icon that turns up under member's names, so that 'allegiance' can be seen easily. More precisely, this would help to display an individual transhumanist's specific leanings and/or preferences.


The ability to form groups and then interact with folks specifically in a certain group (of which one is also a member), is also a pretty core feature… though I guess it naturally comes after the two you cite above…

Some groups should be open for all, and some should be invitation-only, with invitations mediated by the group moderator…. A group should have some sort of shared wiki-type space..

Comment: Is the notion to further transhumanist conversation or to do more? Some groups exist simply to talk while others exist to get things done. For getting things done, the requirements might be quite different than for a conversational platform, i.e. we might want to include things like tasks lists and work assignments. [Response: The notion is to support transhumanist conversation, but also provide a platform for those who want to do more. However, I don't think we want to replicate the functions of a project management system inside H+ Connect. I think we should let Trello be Trello, etc.]

The project-groups' workspace/wikipage should be integrated directly into the group's main page, rather than be a separate addendum to it.

Interaction Modalities

Users should be able to search for other members based on interest, expertise and location…/ This way, at least H+ Connect will be able to start as a directory of transhumanists…

It would be nice for users to be able to message each other directly via the network, with the option of getting email notifications of such messages…

If there is a smartphone UI for the network, location-aware features would be interesting, e.g. to "find transhumanists near me"

Comment: A "directory" is different than a social media service. Social media, for example, entails more than just listing users and allowing messaging, eg. the ability to post and share media to personal network. It seems that this needs to be clarified…is H+ Connect *just* a directory of contacts or is it a *social media network*? [Response: It seems obvious from the list of features on this page that H+ Connect is conceived as more than a directory.]


I'd like to see an integrated polling/questionnaire mechanic, so that specific subsets of the community can be questioned, and possibly have the answers to public questionnaires be connectable to a specific member, again so that member's views can be seen ,or at least those views that the member wishes to be made public.

Heat Map

How about a live view of current members. Maybe in the form of a transhumanist heat map?

Comment: Take a look at the Cannes heatmap app here: http://www.f-i.com/google/heatmap/ and also http://stocktouch.com/ for ideas.

We could also represent users who are currently logged in.

Comment: Real-time location data has severe privacy implications. TO the extent we are going to provide location and "currently online" statuses, we also have to allow user control to prevent this from happening. In general you can't assume people want to reveal their location in real-time all the time. [Response: Indeed location-awareness should be an option not a requirement.]


The network should supply users with news articles of transhuman interest

"H+ Magazine" (or some other name) could be an H+ Connect group, and if you join it, you get pushed articles as content, similar to how you would get the content pushed to you from any other group you belong to.

Network members can submit content to the H+ Mag group… group members can then rate the content, and the highest rated articles will be presented most prominently on the group page

Network members can also submit links to external resources, to the H+ Mag group

This would be a group whose content is made public to non-members (i.e. to folks who are not members of H+ Connect, as well as not members of the H+ Mag group)

Comment: The notion of a magazine is somewhat of an anachronism in the face of current technologies, i.e. what is the difference between a link to an "external resource", a "news article" etc.? [Response: Whether it's called "Magazine" or not is a branding issue rather than a functionality issue, I guess… One difference between a link to an external resource and an internal article, however, is that in the latter case, comments on the article exist within the H+ Connect site, and are linked into members' profiles, etc.]

The idea of "pushing" content to interested users suggest H+ Connect is a social media service not just a directory but perhaps built around areas of interest rather than just social connectivity.

I would also like to see some tools to support:

Quantified Self
Internet of Things
Connectivity with existing smartphone apps/social media etc.
SUpport financial transactions and collaborations between H+ Connect users

[Comment: Suggestions of SPECIFIC tools for supporting these things would be useful…]


Many of the suggestions made above are pretty wide-ranging and interesting…

However, Humanity+ has limited resources to implement them

If we used an infrastructure allowing easy development of plug-ins adding extra functionalities, I suppose this would be optimal…. Then enterprising members could add new functions in the form of plug-ins, etc.

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