Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Food is food that has had specific changes introduced into its DNA by genetic engineering techniques.


My (Wayne Eddy's) Thoughts

  • I don't believe that GM food intrinsically bad, even if some companies are giving it a bad name.
  • GM food has the potential to be tasty, nutritious and available & easy for anyone to grow, and that kind of GM food is/will be a great boon for the entire world.
  • I think we should be working towards personalised GM food. Food specifically designed to ensure that the taste, texture and nutritional properties of the food are ideal for a given individual. I can envision a future where those who care about this sort of thing have their own strains of designer food growing in a nearby vertical farm. The cost of biotech is coming screaming down, and its capabilities are growing each year, so this is not some unreachable utopia, and I believe it is a very good reason for standing up to the anti-GMO lobby.

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