Future Party Victorian Branch Meeting No.1


Date: 31 May 2015
Time: 12.30pm for lunch - Meeting to follow.
Venue: Birmingham Hotel - 333 Smith Street, Fitzroy
Invitees: Brent Cataldo, Chris Taylor, Justin Stankovic, Luke James, Martin Spencer, Paul Mignone, Wayne Eddy


Items for Discussion


Recruitment Strategy

  • We are obviously not ever going to win an election with only a handful of members, if we want to go places recruitment is very important. Also Martin mentions affirmative action in his email. I don't know the context of that, but I notice of the six possible attendees we have so far, none are female, so we might want to think how we are going to attract more female members to the party - WGE.

Relationship with Other Parties

  • I know that Party HQ in NSW is currently in talks with a number of other parties (including the Transhumanist Party) with regard to better collaboration. Whether or not that results in megers, collalitions, preference sharing arrangements or nothing at all, I think discussing our relationship with other parties is a worthwhile activity - WGE.

Relationship with Other Organisations

  • There are no doubt many other organisations that share some or many of our goals, and I think we should identify as many of them as we can, and start thinking about how we can best start working with them - WGE.

Vision & Policy

  • The Party has already done a lot of policy work. We need to discuss how we can best assist in developing the party's polices further - WGE.
  • What are the goals of those attending? Which goals if any are common to everyone? How well do these common goals fit in with existing Future Party policy? - WGE.

Ten Year Plan

  • Had the pleasure of attending an excellent talk by Jacqui Cooper on leadership recently. My main takeaway was how valuable having a Ten Year Plan can be - WGE.

General Business

Next Meeting(s)

  • Need to decide on the frequency of future Future Party meetings, and possible venues.
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