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Cheap Energy & Collaboration

26 Aug 2010 03:25

In my opinion the two key goals that the human race should set itself this century are finding ways to:

  1. produce cheap (preferably clean) energy
  2. best harness the collective intelligence of the human race

I think the most exciting candidates for a breakthrough on the energy front are:

  1. nuclear fusion
  2. highly efficient solar
  3. genetically engineered fuel producing micro-organisms

It feels like that world's 7 billion or so brains are currently working together collectively with an efficiency of about 0.1%. BUT - this has been enough to get civilization where it is now.
Obviously I have no way of accurately measuring the percentage, but it feels like the internet has improved the situation, and that things are at least moving in the right direction.
Can you imagine where we would be if we were working together with 10% efficiency? I can picture in my mind the worlds problems melting away as the worlds combined attention and intellect is turned in their direction.
7 billion minds should be sufficient to solve the worlds problems. Do you agree?

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