Positive Transhumanism - Technological Paradise

Positive Transhumanism - Technological Paradise is a Facebook group devoted to "the new global era of science, peace, positive thinking, using transhuman orientation will transform the earth and humanity. Through advanced scientific research, especially in the fields of neuroscience, biotechnology, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, body and neuro prothestics, psychopharmacology, radical life extension, quantum computing, AI (general, specialist, quantic…), hyper cognitive enhancement, mind uploading, body transplants, cybernetics and virtual bodies, exocortex and memory and processing implants, pain suffering and disease erradication, moon, mars and other planets terraforming, automation economy and monetary abolision, will create a new life on the earth and the solar system and beyond for humans… or post humans, causing a radical change our entire life and this era was started. Amplification of happy, joy, knowledge, wisdom positive mind will create a new paradise life style."

The group was created by Dony Bellino.

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