Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition Process

My Thoughts

I believe that one way to boost the collective intelligence of an organisation or community is to adopt a collaborative knowledge acquisition process.

Here's the process I'm going to try and use from now on, or at least until I can (collaboratively) develop something better.

  1. Identify a knowledge gap
  2. Create or update a wiki page to document my existing knowledge and future learnings
  3. Search the internet and intranet for information
  4. Ask stakeholders & communities of interest for information, ideas and/or opinions
  5. Update the wiki page with any new learnings
  6. Get to know respondents and what their interests and skills are
  7. Create or update a stakeholders list so I know who to ask next time I have a similar knowledge gap
  8. Let stakeholders know about the updated the wiki page

I'd really love to hear from anyone who can think of ways to make this process even more collaborative.

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