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  • An actuation mechanism
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  • Collaboration through time via Creative Commons

My (Wayne's) Thoughts

I have been thinking about collaboration for quite a while. I have set up a website (LGAM) to encourage Australian Councils to share ideas and information, and from my experience there, it seems to me that whilst many people are interested in collaboration, when it comes right down to it they're not very good at it.

This is unfortunate, because I think we need to change humanity's default setting from "compete" to "collaborate" before we can transition to a post-scarcity world.

Hopefully even if humans aren't that naturally good at collaborating, we can develop a tool or tools that help us do so. I think Google+ is actually a step in this direction, but its not quite there yet, I think what we need is a human/software powered "Collaboration Engine".

Here's what I think a collaboration engine might consist of:

  1. a community of people with a common goal;
  2. a formal statement of that goal;
  3. a discussion forum;
  4. an associated wiki in which to document community knowledge & learnings;
  5. a skills and interest register;
  6. a community wishlist;
  7. an idea submission and ranking system;
  8. a project register;
  9. a Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition Process;
  10. an improvement process;
  11. an automated agent that can find information, posts and people of interest to the community.

Brain Storm

  • How to Bootstrap a collaboration engine?
  • Intellect Nets - Vernor Vinge
  • RCB - ??? - Boards
  • Statements, Opinion Requests and Knowledge Requests (RfK)
  • Each Opinion Request should trigger a poll.
  • Each Knowlede Request should trigger the creation of a Wiki page.
  • Each statement should trigger an assenting and dissenting opinion search.
  • Questions, Debates and Recorded Opinions
  • Virtual Agent should challenge opinionee if others with otherwise similar respondents strongly disagree on a particular subject. e.g. "Wayne, 97% of your contacts prefer "Internet Explorer" to "Chrome", why do you like "Chrome" better?
  • Parallel processing => Duplication of Effort.
  • Everyone is a network
  • Peer to peer networking

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